Ramadan – Layali Fazila (17, 19, 21 mi raat)

Layali Fazila mubarak to all. On the eve of the first of the three Distinguished Nights, we remind mumineen of the importance of spending additional time in ibadat and dua.

Mumineen are encouraged to pray 24 rak’at (12 salaam) washeq following the full Maghrib/’Isha namaaz. A PDF of the niyyat and dua is available here.

Mumineen should also read Sajada Wajhi and listen to wasila mubaraka.

  • “Mazoon-ud-dawatil-gharra’ Syedi wa Maulaya Abdeali bhaisaheb Saifuddin’s AAB wasila mubaraka will be broadcast live on 17 mi raat, and 21 mi raat. On 19mi raat Syedna TUS has graciously granted raza mubarak for mumineen to take barakaat from the wasila mubaraka of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA. Mumineen listening to the wasila mubarak should observe the appropriate adab (etiquette) of attending in person even when listening to recording.” -Fatemi Dawat

Recordings of wasila are available here.

Mumineen are also encouraged to spend the night doing ibadat and namaaz (especially on the 21st mi raat). Bihori details are available here.

As always, mumineen who wish to join imamate namaaz should contact one of our Ma’suls for details.

We wish you a blessed night full of ibadat and rehmat. May the second half of Ramadan bring more joy and baraka than the first.